Goals For The Future

Goals For The Future

Here at Blue Soul our ultimate goal is to provide the freshest coffee around the world. We are thankful Temecula Coffee Roasting Co has supplied us with the means to do so. 

I would like to go over some future goals we have for Blue Soul, this will include new upcoming product releases we are working on. 

Our next steps are to open a mobile coffee cart, we are currently in the investment and drawing stages of doing so. We are working with investors and plan to bring a fun, energetic and delicious mobile coffee experience to the public. 

Blue Soul plans on providing economically friendly products. We are working with some of the best organic and compositable companies. We look forward to being apart of the community to reduce waste, especially to our oceans. 

Merchandise? Yes, we have listened and we are currently working with our artist to bring new and fresh artwork to Tees and Tanks for you. We will also be looking into your favorite reusable thermos, hats, eyewear and much more. 

Monthly Coffee Subscription will be coming back and will be available to them public starting March 1, 2024. This will allow you to customize your delivery date on demand. You'll never be without your favorite coffee ever again. 

Last but not least our new Blog Posts, here you will be able to access news and much more. So please come back and check up on your favorite coffee dealer to stay up to date on all the newest. If you haven't yet please subscribe to our mailing list. We do NOT spam. 

Blue Soul is a brand I am proud of, I Desirey Keeme founder and owner will do everything I can to make it your happy place as much as it is mine. If you have any comments or concerns please leave them below or feel free to use the contact form. Thank you so much for making dreams come true! - Desirey Keeme

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