Starting A Coffee Brand

Starting A Coffee Brand

If you know me, you also know I was addicted to Dutch Bros coffee. You also know because I didn’t go a day without it, I was constantly on social media bragging about them. I think my wallet at one point was just overrun with Dutch Bros stamp cards. I can’t remember the year exactly but it was right when Dutch Bros was really becoming a big coffee brand. I was still living in Arizona, so they were everywhere and continued to pop up.

I remember making my move to Texas and being so sad because there’s no Dutch Bros here and ironically about two months after I moved here they open their very first location in Texas about 3 miles down the street from me. I definitely got lucky.

I would say at this point in my life, no doubt about it I am addicted to coffee. It’s really not a bad addiction to have. I definitely don’t drink more than one a day anymore. Surprisingly, I also have not been to a Dutch Bros in a very long time. Let me tell you why.

I remember coming home and my roommate coming in the kitchen and showing me this bag of coffee that her friends had made and they wanted her to try it. I thought it was pretty cool so I was reading the bag and then I seen at the very bottom the roasting company so I googled the roasting company and right there on the front of their web page it asked if I wanted to be a new brand owner. I thought to myself, I wonder how hard starting my own brand of coffee would be. I think I spent maybe an hour doing some research but it was pretty cool because the roasting company pretty much did almost everything for you. of course, in order to make money you have to spend money. so the first step was to sample some of the coffee.

I put in my order for the samples I wanted to try. It was honestly quite easy. I started doing more and more brainstorming on what I wanted my brand to be. How fun right? Designing a coffee bag? Now do I wanna do whole bean or ground bean? This is espresso, right? I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but I literally jumped into it and it has been the funnest journey I have started.

I’ll be 100% honest. I didn’t know anything about coffee I knew I liked espresso and I knew I liked five shots of it in the morning. I have learned so much throughout my coffee brand journey, and I continue to learn more and more each day. Not only am I learning more and more about coffee but I’m learning how to be a successful business woman.

This is how Blue Soul Espresso was brought to life!

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