Blend: Pirates 🏴‍☠️ Reviewer: Robert Arriola

As a fan of dark roast, I decided to give the Pirates blend a try. First off, the aroma is phenomenal, it’s a heavy grind so it’s paired well with the French press. It was a coffee shop quality drink made at home. Would definitely buy it again and I look forward to trying other blends.


 Blend: Islander  Reviewer: Tom Leigh

Since first being introduced to Daisy Keeme coffee through the Island Blend. I enjoyed it so much that I ordered all the different roasts. Each is unique and well balanced. A perfect way to start the day! And as a bonus I get to support small business. A win/win 5 stars!


Blend: Bikini   Reviewer: Larry Pena 

I ordered Bikini Blend a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. It has the right French Vanilla taste and I love it as an espresso. Looking to try others but the Bikini Blend has my heart right now. 


Blend: Bikini  Reviewer: Shawna Coolidge 

I tried the Bikini Blend and its absolutely perfect for iced coffee! This blend has replaced my daily Starbucks habit and I'm obsessed. I can't wait to try the other blends; next on the list is Islander Blend. 


Blend: Pirates & Bikini  Reviewer: Scott Lance

I picked up the Parate's Blend and the Bikini Blend. The Pirate's Blend was pretty smooth and worked for morning brew really well. If you run it though a coffee grinder and get it grounded up a little more, it really opens up the flavor and aroma! Now I'm going to order the Meg and give it a shot! Love to see a friend who is out there doing big things! Keep it up!


Blend: Bikini   Reviewer: Jennifer Geil 

 We purchased the Bikini Blend, which has my favorite French Vanilla! It definitely does not disappoint! Smells and Tastes even better. Great way to start the morning.